Global Game Jam 2016: Jamm’n Janitor


Mr. Janitor has a nightly ritual where he gets down with his bad self while he cleans. Help him dance to his tunes in this rhythm-based game, but….what’s all this blood?

Play it here!

With GGJ 2016’s theme being “ritual”, our group took the time to have a thorough brainstorming session with flow maps. I learned through my writing to never commit to using the first idea that pops into your head as it won’t be the greatest idea ever, and IT ESPECIALLY won’t be original, considering the fact that if you though of it first, most likely others would have too.

So we wrote down everything we could associate with the word “ritual”, from topics like voodoo to traditions to cats. We all knew for sure that mundane dark comedy was something we definitely wanted to accomplish. So, we went through and combined the most interesting topics to create an entertaining story. The two that stuck out was “dancing” and “killer”, causing our team obsess over a game about a killer that likes to dance as he commits murders. After realizing this promotes something absolutely horrific we scraped it right away and brainstormed again. That’s when the magic started to happen: we each got a sticky note and each wrote down the first thing that comes to mind when we thing of mundane horror, and that was when our crazy game concept came upon us. Our animator had drawn a scene of a janitor cleaning up a dead body, and our idea was born. I went and prepared the game design document overnight on Friday to start working right away.


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